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When it’s time to talk insurance, you want someone you can rely on to listen to your needs and help you choose the options right for you and your family. Let me work for you and I’ll provide the guidance and service you deserve. That’s my promise to you.

About Merlin Close

Insurance Broker

I specialize in medical coverage solutions such as Medicare, Obamacare, Cancer, Dental and more. I represent +50 carriers to offer you enough options to choose the most convenient one for you. Graduated from the Universidad Federico Brito, Venezuela and with +30yrs enjoying as volunteer in the community.


Medicare Advantage*

“All in 1” or “Part C”: Plans offered by private companies approved by Medicare. Includes Part A and Part B and, generally, Part D. Most plans offer extra benefits such as Dental, Vision, OTC, and others. The services are mainly covered in the carrier network. Some plans may require referral to see Specialists. Most of the plans have a $0 or low monthly premium.

Medicare Supplement

The most popular plans are F, G, N and C. Original Medicare Beneficiaries obtain expense coverage (generally 20%) of services covered by Medicare Part A and Part B that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. You can go to any nationwide provider that accept Medicare – no referral required. Does not include drug coverage. You will pay a monthly premium that will increase over the time. Cannot be combined with Medicare Advantage plans.

Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare”. You may qualify for goverment subsidy (On Exchange), or pay for the full monthly premium (Off Exchange). The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for ACA is when you normally can obtain a new plan; it starts on November 1st through January 15th in most states of USA. You may enroll after OEP if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Small Business with 1 or more employees can obtain health insurance anytime in most states. Compare plans and shop here!

Life Insurance

Term or Permanent coverage. Could include living benefits if you are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, or dismembered. Return of Premiums (ROP) policies are also available. Even if you already have a pre-existing condition, you can still obtain life insurance.

Hospital & Accident Insurance

Private plans that pay when you are hospitalized for illness or accident. Help to reduce your copays/coinsurance of your hospitalization. You choose the amount of benefit and it will be paid directly to you or your assignee.

International Medical Insurance

Emergency health insurance coverage when traveling aboard. Many plans are valid for Schengen Visa requirement. Coverage for anyone: new USA residents, USA residents traveling aboard or Foreigns traveling to USA or any other country/es for tourism, business, students, and more. Click here for details.

Final Expenses

Permanent life insurance policies for final expenses. Could be the most affordable option when you are +45 years old because the benefit amounts and premiums are usually lower than most whole life insurance policies.

Dental & Vision Plans

Private plans for all ages and multiples options of coverage. Most of them offer additional discounts if you choose a provider from the network’s carrier.

Critical Illness

In the event you are diagnosed with cancer or have a stroke, the amount of coverage you have selected is paid directly to you or your designee.

“Excellent agent and person. Always ready to help with any problem or question that may arise.
She calls frequently to see if there is anything she can help solve.
Forever grateful for her human qualities and professionalism. Thanks Merlin !!!”


– Nina R.

“My favorite health insurance agent! I bought a great travel insurance from her. I highly recommend her! “


– Ivan E.

“Mrs.Close is amazing. She helped me out with the process of getting my insurance and got me the best deal possible. Thank you so much for your attentiveness and your patience while helping me out. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to get insurance. She’s amazing friendly and sweet. Once again thank you 😊🙏”


– Alejandra E.

“Merlin is friendly and efficient! She is also very responsible. She went out of his way to find the right insurance to fit all my needs and even possible eventualities, and genuinely cared about my safety, I really appreciate that. Nothing more appropriate than a warm person to trust with your insurance. Thank you very much Merlin!!!”

– Daniela A.

“A thousand thanks to Merlin Close for her excellent service and fine attentions. Eternally grateful . Rolando Torres”

Rolando T.

Merlin Close

Insurance Broker


Let me guide you in choosing the right coverage you need.

Whatever coverage concern you are looking for, rest assured that you will get reliable information, respectful attention and the opportunity to choose a plan that fits your real needs.

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